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The issue of cyber crime has been on the rise over the past few years. This has even prompted the Microsoft Company to roll out their new cyber crime center to address this thorny issue. Cyber crime Center is a disciplinary task force which is assigned the tasks of providing the policing of cybercrime. This center was set up to address the rising criminal activities. It is a body which is constituted of digital forensic experts, security engineers and lawyers. These professionals work together to curb the alarming trends which include cyber-extortion, cyber-fraud, and cyber-bullying.

This article is going to discuss the necessity of this center and how it works in handling cyber crime. This is a vice which can threaten the future of the internet and the benefits associated with the internet if this issue is uncurbed. The internet has played a vital role by facilitating the process in which people share information from different corners of the world.


The issue of cyber crime has bamboozled many people. Some of the people affected bytes issue have even decided to stay away from the internet. This has gone against the wish of those who have developed the internet technology. Surely, no one would want to see this happening.


Many people have been using the internet over the past one decade. The internet has provided a good platform in which people share their idea as well as communicating with people swiftly irrespective of how far they could be. The use of the internet has also tempted some people who feel that they can “hide” something behind their devices. These people have ended up trying something criminal. With the internet, it is easy to lie to some since he or she does not see you. Sometimes, this can turn out to be disastrous.

Hack mania

Some people have developed the “hacking” culture. This has become one of the worst nightmares with the internet users. This is practiced by people who perceive to be very “cleaver.” In fact, it has become a race of who is cleaver than the other. People mainly do it out of their curiosity.

Laws which cannot catch-up

The use of the internet began about three decades ago. Since then, technology has advanced at a rapid rate. Initially, there were no laws to govern or control the use of the internet. However, in the modern days, we have had the lawmakers trying to address this issue, but the process is very complicated.