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The immigration process involves lots of paperwork which is tedious and overwhelming for many people. You need to read and comprehend every clause on the immigration forms that you are signing since your signature is binding. Since the legal jargon is used a lot in the forms, you need an immigration attorney to break down some clauses for you in the layman’s language. You should choose the h1b Visa Lawyer wisely. Let us look at some of the tips when selecting the best immigration attorney;

Selecting the immigration attorney


If you do not know where to start as far as getting an immigration attorney is concerned, then get references from your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family. Talk to both those who have been through the immigration process before and those that have not been through this process. Those who have not been through the process may connect you to a great lawyer. Individuals you ask for references will be quick to recommend the best immigration lawyers and will encourage you to shun the poor ones.

Search the AILA

If you are in the United States, then search the AILA website. The AILA body is the national body of attorneys and lawyers in the United States who have specialized in immigration practice. When you select a lawyer from AILA, you are confident that you are dealing with an individual who indeed understands the immigration policies and law. You can also begin the search by looking at the immigration lawyer in your locality. Choose an immigration lawyer who is a member of AILA because it shows the commitment of the lawyer to the immigration practice.

Shortlist and interview

Make sure that you talk to more than one immigration attorney and shortlist those you feel could represent you. After shortlisting the candidates, interview them to determine which one from the group best fits the bill. Look at the experience that they have and the clients that they have represented before. Just like any other type of law, immigration law requires specialty. Determine whether he has specialized in that field. Ask for references from the lawyer and talk to some of his previous clients to get a clear understanding of the working style of the lawyer.

Fee schedules


Lastly, compare the fee schedules of the various attorneys that you shortlist. Some lawyers have a flat rate as far as the billing is concerned whereas there are those who bill on an hourly basis. Ask about any other hidden charge so that you know what you are expected to pay after receiving the services.