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As long you drive, committing traffic offences is always a possibility you must be prepared for. Most importantly, knowing the Driving Offence Codes could be helpful in knowing what charges you are up against. However, instead of being worried every time you are driving you could find a good motoring lawyer to take care of your worries.

There are motoring lawyers left, right and center thus making the right choice could be elusive. To help you with that decision, here are the dos and don’ts when it comes to hiring your motor lawyer.

The dos

· Ask for experience: a good lawyer should have a good number of years in the practice. The experience could be the difference between winning and losing your case.

· Are there any past successful client stories?

Make a follow up: the lawyer should be able to give several clients as references. It helps to know that the lawyer you are trusting with your case has a good history of winning and a long list of satisfied clients.


· Certification and licenses are important, ask about them:

A certified and licensed lawyer has the permission to practice. This is someone who abides by the law. There is an assurance that your legal problems are in the best hands.

· First you should understand the prospects of your case:

Do not be quick to hire a motoring solicitor just for the sake of it. You need to know the prospects of your case before you make your final decision. The lawyer should initially fill in you in with all the details about your case and what you should expect. You should also get a clue of whether you can win or lose. It is only after you are confident in the solicitor that you can hire them.

The don’ts

· Do not hire the most expensive solicitor; he is not necessarily the best:

Having to pay so much legal fee to a solicitor is not any guarantee of winning the case. Go for someone offering reasonable charges.

· Avoid ‘celebrity’ motoring lawyers:

Although a lawyer may brag about the celebrities he may have represented in the past, you should not be carried away. You will end up paying so much for the same services you would get for a cheaper price. Do your diligent search and settle for a competent lawyer. What you need is merely a legal representation and not joining the league of celebrities.


· Fixed fees? You should not accept them just like that:

There are those lawyers who will bill you on fixed terms. Well, that may be good or bad for you. Ask about what is covered in the fees and decide whether or not this is fair.

Bottom line

Choosing a motoring lawyer can seem very overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way, does it? With all the right information, it could be a piece of cake finding and hiring a lawyer. Whatever choice you make, ensure that you understand the prospects of your case. As long as you feel confident with a certain solicitor, go ahead and hire them.